Karl Jacobs


The Honorable Thing – a Karl Jacobs love story

She’s an uptight, 30-something mom, as prim and proper as a nun.

He’s an irreverent, 30-something dad, still a mischievous kid at heart.

It’s  the 1970s, and they’re thrown together in a puritanical corporation in a St. Louis suburb.

Unlike either her reserved school principal-husband or his strait-laced wife, both are  romantics who love beautiful sunsets and silly pranks.

What happens will have you holding your breath,  laughing out loud, and sharing their anguish as they are torn between their yearning for each other and their love and sense of responsibility for their kids and too-often oblivious spouses. Hilarious, harrowing, and heart-wrenching.

As author Richard Bach once famously observed, “Real love stories never have endings.”

This is a real love story.



“Thanks for writing such a beautiful book!”  – an Amazon reader



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